Dead Man’s Snitch: SOLD!

Dead Man’s Snitch has been acquired! By Collective Idea! 

A little over a year ago a client had a problem for which we couldn’t find a good solution, so I made Dead Man’s Snitch. Dead Man’s Snitch is a service that will let you know if some periodic task stops working. Like a dead man’s switch. I have been running it ever since and it continued to slowly grow. Collective Idea have been interested in it from the beginning and are a development shop full of good developers and sysadmins. I think they will do a great job running and growing it. Read what they have to say about the acquisition.

So, why did I sell it after only a year? There are a few reasons but the main one is student loans. My student loans have been really bothering me lately because it is a loan that is not backed by an asset. I’ve been paying $421/month ever since I graduated from Drexel in 2005 and would continue to pay that going forward. I couldn’t sell them if I wanted to simplify my expenses. So I took Collective Idea’s interest in Dead Man’s Snitch and leveraged it to pay off my student loans in full.

Wait, did I just pay off my student loans?!