Origion of BRBots.brb

I often use phrases like "driving.bbs" for "be back soon" or "lunch.bbe" for "be back eventually". people have wondered where that come from so I thought I would explain it.

Back when I was a structural engineer (2005-2007) one of my jobs was to do the grunt work on three concrete towers near Old City Philadelphia. We worked on them in parallel because they were pretty close to identical except the various heights. I would have to analyze all three in a program we had which took a couple hours each. Pretty quickly I started running them on other people's computers when they they were out of the office so they could be analyzed in parallel. Each building would be analyzed for ~20 load cases which were for the most part independent of each other. Some examples would be wind from one direction, wind from another direction, earthquake, etc. 

Soon after I left to work for myself I thought it would be awesome if I could have easily dispatched each load case to other computers in the office that weren't being used very heavily. For example, the secretaries or people out of the office. I was calling them BRBots because the bots would say they were ready for work, I would tell them what to do, and they would come back for more when they were done. The file extension for the jobs was going to be "brb" so a job file might be named "load_case_1.brb". 

This whole idea never made it out of my head but the file extensions live on.