Our Loss is Your Gain

Update 8/1/2013: We have officially shut it down.

Lose It or Lose It is a website that helps people stick to their goals to lose weight. They sign up for a 10-week plan, give us some money, and will lose weight or lose that money depending on whether they make their goals. It has helped people lose nearly 3000 lb with a 62% success rate. 

Not only does it help people lose weight, it also makes money. It keeps around 21% of all money that goes through the system. 

John and I have run Lose It or Lose It for over three years but we’re ready to move on to the next project. We would really like it to live on and continue to help people so we are looking to sell it. 

Originally we were looking to sell it for $150,000 but the interested buyers were not able to go through with the sale. We were about to shut it down but we want to see it live on, so we have dropped it to the no BS price. 

Here’s a price we think is fair: $30,000. Any cash in the LIOLI bank account at the time of sale would be added to the sale price.

Lose It or Lose It generates about $10,000 of revenue each year. So the $30,000 price is equal to three years of net revenue.

What does this $30,000 get you?

  • A modern, well-tested Rails app built with Postgres, Rails 3.2.x, Ruby 1.9.3 and 1800 passing tests (no legacy code to deal with)
  • The LLC
  • A finished but unreleased iOS app to help people weigh in
  • All the services used by the website (hosting account, email accounts, Paypal account, bank account, etc)

We think an ideal buyer would be someone interested in helping people lose weight and continuing to grow the business. They would also be a web developer or someone with access to a web developer to help them make changes as needed.

Are you interested in acquiring this site and continuing to grow it as a business? Do you know someone that may be interested? Please email me (Randy) at me@r38y.com