PSA: Time to Install Winter Wipers!

The only thing more delightful than new wiper blades is new winter wiper blades! Yes, they exist! If you live in the northeast, December 1 is a good time (maybe setup a recurring task in Flow? If you sign up, let me invite you so I get free months ;)  to buy yourself a new set of winter wipers and install them for the next 4-5 months. 

What’s different about winter wipers you may ask? First of all, the rubber is slightly softer which makes them work better when the temperature drops and rubber tends to stiffen up. Secondly, the innards are wrapped with rubber to keep ice and snow from building up in the springs. This will keep you from having to stop your car every quarter mile to knock the ice off. Win. 

Don’t skimp either and use the ones from last year. Wipers sit in the sun all day long so they tend to degrade over time. Buy yourself some fresh ones!

The downside to winter wipers is they are heavy and they can wear out your wiper motors faster. So while your at it, set up a recurring task to get new non-winter wipers in March or April. The weather will start to warm up and you’ll want to get rid of the heavy, soft ones you used in the winter. 

You’re welcome.