The New Ride

I bought a motorcycle. A Suzuki DRZ400SM to be more exact. I took the PA Motorcycle Safety Course last October and received my license in anticipation of this day.

I wasn’t planning on buying one until the Spring but there were a number of reason why I did. First, we have had some incredibly warm days for February and not having a motorcycle was driving me crazy. Second, it was a Friday and work was driving (no pun intended) me crazy so I took the afternoon off and went looking at motorcycles. Third, I found out the bike I was planning to get was in stock and $600 less than if I bought it in the Spring.

SOLD!!! Well, to me at least. I talked to the wife and she was cool with it so went the next day and put down a down payment. A week later, Saturday, she was dropping me off to drive it home. The first day of riding, yesterday, was terrifying. I hadn’t ridden since October and even then it was in a parking lot.

That brings us to today, my second day of riding. I am no longer terrified and actually starting to enjoy it. I plan to ride this bike back and forth to our office in West Chester so I decided to try riding it with a messenger bag and it went ok. I do not have a strap on my current bag to go under my other arm to hold it steady which may end up being a problem. I have been looking at a larger bag with all the right straps but I haven’t decided if I want to drop the $$ to get it.